To offer health and happiness to all using the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda. 

About Siddhi Yoga

 At Siddhi Yoga, we know that weaving Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda together can transform your life.

These practices have fostered health and happiness for over 5000 years in India, and are respected around the world now.

Find the balance your soul craves today. 

Meera Watts


Meera Watts is the owner and founder of Siddhi Yoga,  which she runs from Singapore where she moved in 2003.

She  has been recognized as a top 20 international yoga blogger and is known internationally for her thought leadership in the wellness  industry.

Her writings on yoga and holistic health have appeared in  Elephant Journal, CureJoy, FunTimesGuide, OMtimes and many other  international publications.

Meera is both a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist,  though now she focuses primarily on running Siddhi Yoga, blogging, and  her family.